Advanced Mixing Equipment

Advanced Engineering produce a wide range of mixers, many of which can be tailored to suit the customers requirements.  We also have a base range of mixers which to many are suitable as available, or they can be modified to suit the application.

Our standard ranges are classified in the following categories:

Agitating MixersAgitating Mixers.  This range includes Propeller style mixers and Axial Flow Turbine Mixers.

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Batch MixersBatch Mixers.  This range includes Standard Immersion Mixers, High Speed Sealed Bearing Mixers, Bottom Entry Mixers, and Special Purpose Mixers.

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In-Line MixersIn-Line Mixers.  This range includes Single Stage In-Line High Shear Mixers, High Speed Self-Cleaning Mixers, Three Stage Multi-Shear In-Line Mixers, and Ad-Pro High Shear Emulsifier Advanced Processing Mixers.

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Adpro-MixAdPro Mix.  Specifically Designed for Flexible Processing of Cold Manufactured Food Products.

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